What am I doing right now?

Working as a part of the digital solutions team at NHS Health Education England, my role as UX/UI Designer requires me to help create the new nationwide TIS system (a platform that all trainee medical professionals pass through for training placements, administration, and assessment).

The system was based on a very large 3rd party system that the NHS has used for many years, costing the government a considerable amount to run through a 3rd party. The decision to move this in-house required my role to help with creating a user-centered interface that helps users (administrators and trainees) to manage their placements, training, and assessments on a daily basis. My role involves me running over usability issues and sketching out solutions with users, product owners or developers, to running discovery workshops with users or stakeholders.

Deloitte UI

What inspires me?

I find inspiration in many things, from nature to ‘sensor bashing’ street art. In regards to UX, I would say that the more I have worked in this area, the more I find myself examining every day products with a critical eye to its usability, and even asking people questions about every day products and if it makes sense to them. All of which I would say inspires me to create something more user-friendly in any project. As I have said, I have fallen head over heels for UX Design. I also find inspiration on my way to work, commuting from Brighton the London, reading UX blogs and posts on UX Switch where I get my UX fix for the day, and a little more insight into current trends and also areas for me to work on to develop my UX skill sets. I sometimes have a little walk around the city too, The TATE Modern was an old haunt as I used to work next to it at UBM, also I find the design shows and small exhibitions around Farringdon and Clerkenwell and Camden are a great source of creative inspiration.

I recently relocated from London to Brighton, where the opportunity to find inspiration is abundant. I love ‘The Lanes’ like most people who live in or visit Brighton, from vintage to the outrageous, and the social scene where I find myself chatting with creatives about design, art and the changes in design industries, all of which gives you plenty to think about. All in all, I would say that anything from Graffiti, to a vintage American poster, or more contemporary UX and UI examples of responsive desktop/mobile sites to beautiful interfaces and interactions on an App can do it for me. This is the reason I often carry a notebook/sketchbook with me where ever I go, its often the little moments that are worth jotting down and can sometimes come in very handy when you least expect it.

What kind of design have I got experience in?

User Centred Design. Creative and usable solutions to print, digital and web-based projects, applying UX/UI design processes to improve/launch digital products and web-based solutions, here are some areas I have a decent amount of experience in:

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Digital design
  • Web design

  • HTML/CSS products
  • Flash animation
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Digital illustration
  • Branding
  • Print advertising and marketing
  • Brochure and magazine design
  • Art working and sketching

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