EMM Wedding App


UI Interactions

Interactions and user-feedback
One of the issues found in testing the prototype was that many of the users have English as a second language. I have created Field highlights to let the user know what to fill in next, as well as pop-up prompts to help them make a decision.


The Hub – landing page
We established the full IA and what are priority data areas or tasks that the user needs. The recent orders area is something that the staff visit often, as bookings are usually completed over the space of weeks. I suggested we have all of the priority content accessible on the landing page, so the users will not need to navigate away from this area to start a process.

Taking orders
This is essentially the most important part of the process. I have kept the UI as simple as possible with UI patterns that the users will be familiar with.

Editing an order
Working with the client it was essential for the user to be able to edit or add to a booking. I kept the UI simple, and by adding the content boxes to the right of the order form, the user can essentially edit the only fields necessary, as opposed to starting the process again.

Desktop (Back office) & Tablet (Users)

A bespoke web-application that is capable of handling all wedding bookings and data capture used by staff on iPads. The system must be flexible in editing inputs and very easy to use as most of the staff have English as a second language. The data captured must be easily collated, categorised and easily accessed in the back office.

UX project leadership, UI design, Development support

Location of client, Testing remotely, Language (Accessibility)

The system is currently in the soft launch stage of the project, and is being tested by the users (staff) in two of the clients stores in Ireland.



At a glance

Here are some examples of recent UX and UI work I have created for a number of clients. For more detail on my processes, practices and these case studies, please use the portfolio hub above.


Deloitte products UI




Logicalis UI