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The Kaizen Living brand design was a great project. The owners of the company based in Manchester approached me with some initial ideas as to what colours they liked, explaining that the products are all superfoods and they loved natural but bold colours. They were aiming to put the products out to large stores and needed something that would look high in quality but also a little quirky. By using the bold and light font in different colours and the hand-written strapline they were very happy with the finished product.

The next challenge was to create a range of product packages for their new launch, we kept things clean, but colourful, and most importantly trying to make sure that the product would stand out on the store shelves against the competition. The product launched and is still growing at a rapid pace being sold in some of the larger department stores around the UK. Great work guys and thanks for the lovely words I have added at the bottom of the page.


Matt has worked with Kaizen Living right from the very outset. He designed our logo & packaging from concept to finished product & has also worked with us on our website & promotional materials. Getting the design & look of our packaging right was absolutely crucial for our brand & helping us to position ourselves & get noticed in a competitive marketplace. Matt’s work has accomplished exactly that, thanks in a big way to the design of our packaging (as well as the quality of our products of course!) we are now stocked in a number of great retailers, including being Harvey Nichols’ official superfood partner. If our branding was not spot on then there’s absolutely no way we’d have secured that. I’ve lost track of the number of compliments that we’ve received on our branding, whether it be in stores or at exhibitions & shows. Matt absolutely nailed the concept & delivered a fantastic final design all well within the requested timescales!

Thanks Matt for giving us the perfect platform for us to begin our business & for setting us apart from the crowd!



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Here are some examples of recent UX and UI work I have created for a number of clients. For more detail on my processes, practices and these case studies, please use the portfolio hub above.


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