UX Stage 1: Inform and define


I have listed below, a variety of techniques and processes that I use for each stage of the UX Design life cycle. Documenting requirements is the first, and essential stage to the UX Design process. Here it is important to establish goals, user expectations, priorities, budget and time frames.


  • Speaking directly with client
  • Web based project board (Trello)
  • Using a shared Excel/Google document to monitor and update tasks
  • Creating a brief sheet for those clients who have little or no experience in dealing with designers and the UX/UI design process.
  • Data gathering (Google Analytics)

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Gathering requirements
Documenting all aspects of the brief and project are very important, by making sure we cover all aspects of the project we can establish three important factors: “What it is we are creating? Why are we creating this? Does this add Value?