researchUX Stage 2: Collaborate & Research


Researching the product, user issues and also the competition in the market place is essential. It can often be the case that what the client would like to achieve and what the users of the product actually think are not aligned. At this stage it can become clear that the priority for the client may change, and that buy addressing an issue that they may not have considered, will actually have a greater impact on the product and their return than just going ahead with what the client has initially requested.


  • Researching industry competition
  • Moderated testing
  • Unmoderated testing
  • Focus group Q&A
  • User journey testing and mapping
  • Information hierarchy
  • User persona’s
Competitor analysis
Analysing the competition in the market place gives great insight to areas that the client may consider developing for their product, or in turn can give the client insight as to why users may favour their client’s products or site.