PowerBI dashboards: Global Supply Chain and Portfolio Manager


5% Waste reduction for production and Logistics

10-15% Efficiency increase managing portfolios


One true source of data for the Global Supply Chain

• Streamlined the process saving time and money to help improve efficiency

• Aligning over 155,000 end users and the global data lake they feed into, reducing material waste and effort


• Defining user needs across South East Asia, South America, Europe and North Africa

• Creating personas and user journey mapping to highlight opportunities

• Wireframes and Hi-fidelity UI for developers in Sketch & InVision


Business goals and stakeholder alignment using the Business Canvas and Discovery plan. Roles, responsibilities, milestones, success, and measures are essential, it also gives detail on when and how I will provide the value they need and expect for the project.

User Research

Remote User Research across Europe, South East Asia, South America, and North Africa with the use of Translators for non-English speakers. Using Microsoft Teams as the tool for remote collaboration, and for recording and translating user interviews. I conducted 40 Interviews across the 5 projects, speaking with Senior Directors in Europe and North Africa, all the way down the business to Factory Night Shift Production Managers in South East Asia and South America.

Establishing user groups for the business, and defining key personas to focus on for each project
System and user journey mapping to help understand where pain-points, gaps, and potential opportunities to provide value occur

Ideate: Sketches,Wireframes & Prototypes

Working with stakeholders, analysts, developers, and most importantly end users across the globe. I used Pen and paper to ideate and Sketch and Invision to provide interactive prototypes or wireframes to help with the challenges of collaboration across the globe and remote working as a team. Validating the information hierarchy, how the content was displayed, the user interactions, user journeys, and how the end-users would act on these reports. Annotating these dashboards through InVision helped us meet project deadlines.