Credit Suisse UX/UI Concept

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An international user needs to open a Swiss bank account


To improve the user experience for Non-Swiss users who need to open a bank account in Switzerland


As an International User, I need to open an online bank account in Switzerland, whilst waiting for my residency permit to arrive

So That, I can be paid in Swiss Francs, have access to funds, and an online ability to manage my funds

My Approach

Discovery, desk research, establishing site maps, customer journey maps, and user flows, ideation, high-fidelity prototyping, UI specs for developers


Establishing initial user goals and needs, reviewing the current site user journey(s) based on the concept of opening a Current or Savings account online. Reviewing how this worked on different devices, to explore usability pain points, gaps, and gain a better understanding for further investigation

User Flows/Customer Journey Mapping in Flowmap

Using Flowmap I created both User Flows and Customer Journey Maps for desktop and mobile experiences, using the ‘Current Account‘ and ‘CSX Online account‘ as the basis for what I hoped to improve, this helped me to understand where the pain-points occurred, what emotions I felt at this time and where there may be the opportunity for enhancements

Numbrs UX


I looked at market competition in this space