NHS Health Education England

Trainee Enterprise Application, Self Service Mobile Application, and National Data Uploader


£3m saved by removing 3rd party providers

15-20% Analytical time recovered

53,000 Jr. Doctors have mobile access to training and support


• NHS Analysts have more time working on other products and processes
• NHS have more control and ownership managing Junior Doctors through their own product
• NHS save considerable funds having one standard for data for 223 trusts across the U.K
• Users have more support and confidence in training

How I helped

Discovery, user research, concept creation, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, user interface design, development support, and validation


Working as a part of the Agile product development team, we had multiple projects to deliver on running simultaneously. I facilitated workshops with stakeholders, product owners, and senior department heads to understand the business goals for each project.


User Research

I facilitated workshops at NHS offices across the United Kingdom with Junior Doctors and Medical Professionals. Focusing on 227 Trusts across each town, city, and region who achieved goals and completed activities differently. It was key to understand where these gaps in how they met their assessment targets, placements in hospitals, and managing their training and evaluations. Understanding their key needs and goals that were not being met to their expectations.

NHS User research


I started with pan and paper to communicate my ideas to the business and playback to SME’s and the selection of key users across the country. Following iterations, I moved forward with solution wireframes, user journey mapping, and prototypes in Sketch & InVision that were validated with the end-users.

Sketching out ideas

Programme placement

Wireframes and user journeys

Trainee App flow

NDW Uploader wireframes

Wireframes and user journeys



User Interface

Using Sketch and Invision I created the hi-fidelity UI’s. This was to allow us to validate both at a prototype level with end-users whilst also allowing the developers to use InVision for style guides, annotations, and any feedback from myself, and the product teams following workshops with the end-users.

Trainee Enterprise Application


Self Service Mobile Application

Self service app

National Data Uploader

Data uploader