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HR & KPI Hub for Senior Management


A central hub to act on KPI’s

Driving efficiencies in HR by 20%


• Deloitte decided to work with another HR agency so this concept was not taken forward. I decided to use the case study as an example of what ‘could have’ been provided and built on the initial concept

How I helped

Discovery & Analysis, User Research, Concept creation, Prototyping in Axure


The concept was to pitch a Mobile Hub to align the Senior roles at Deloitte around the KPI’s they aim to meet and their team’s career progression. I researched mobile applications on the market with similar use cases for surveys and worked with developers at ETS on what framework they use for mobile solutions based on their technology

Deloitte research


I worked with developers and stakeholders sketching our ideas and mapping out the information architecture, around how we might be able to provide Deloitte with a simple solution that meets business goals along with meeting users expectations in a mobile-first application that will responsively scale up to tablet and desktop

Deloitte sketches

Deloitte I.A

Prototyping in Axure

Creating an interactive prototype in Axure with multiple user journeys and interactions to validate with Senior Managers and Directors would allow the users to understand how the concept will potentially meet their key goals and needs, with real data, saving time at the development and having to iterate at that level

Deloitte wireframes

User Interface

I created UI examples of how the mobile, tablet and desktop application

Mobile UI

Deloitte products UI