Unilever: User Research | UX | UI

Discovery | User Research | UX | UI

Global Supply Chain: PowerBi and KPI’s

Working across multiple projects for the global consumer goods giant Unilever. I was tasked with helping to improve on their global supply chain and the company-wide use of PowerBi reports on KPI’s (local and global) and driving efficiency across their local production facilities. This focused on Supply and Demand Planning, Machine Forecasting, Production Adherence, Order Management, Sales Tracking, Logistics, and Customer Services.

Discovery: Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder alignment, design planning, and milestones for the project

Discovery: Aligning Stakeholders
Discovery: Aligning Stakeholders

User Research

Remote User Research across 5 continents with the use of Translators for non-English speakers, using Microsoft Teams as the Tool for recording and translating user interviews. Identifying and defining Personas, and establishing user journeys across the Global Supply Chain.

Research: User journeys

Ideate: Wireframes & Prototypes

The ask was to work with PowerBi Developers and Analysts to create wireframes that are to be validated with the personas and supply chain teams across Europe, South East Asia, South America, North America, and North Africa for multiple projects across the Global Supply Chain. I used Sketch & Invision as a way of creating and sharing wireframes and prototypes with teams across the different regions. This also allowed developers to access code for development from the hi-fidelity prototypes.


  • Ideation and prototype of a portfolio manager for senior Unilever employees, managing portfolios across the globe
  • Research, design & validation of Global LIVEWIRE that manages the global supply chain for over 300 production facilities across 100 countries
  • 7 countries involved in the research, design and system rollout, remote user research techniques with the challenges of non-English speaking users
  • To streamline the process and to help improve efficiency from the most senior positions to the factory workers across the whole business which spends around
  • €34 billion per year on goods and services
  • 155,000 employees (users) using a unified, supply chain management platform that has one true source of data, is easy to understand for non-English speaking users and helps to reduce the organisations global carbon footprint
Skills: UI, UX
Client: Unilever